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My name is Toni and I'm wedding + elopement storyteller based in Texas (but let's travel). It's my deepest honor to follow your life and love in and out of the common and uncommon seasons we walk through as human beings. Take me along to tell the story of your life-time commitment to your best friend; then the story of how the two of you will soon become three; the story of that third taking their very first breath; and so on, and so on. I'm so very passionate about telling your stories x pushing creative boundaries. Those unorthodox shots that take you back to that very day and very moment that you can then have forever to come. Most importantly, I'm passionate about my clients who almost always end up turning into life long relationships and nothing is sweeter to me than that.

Some odds and ends: I often don’t post photos until obscene amounts of time have passed since they’ve been taken. I drink milk after the expiration date and chronically respond to text messages without hitting send. I like short walks through the farmer’s market (don’t put me down for cardio) and books with seemingly unhappy endings. I love to get out of my comfort zone, and that includes exploring this big world. I eat ungodly amounts of ice cream and almost never wear my hair up. My heart is taken by Jesus, my rad artist husband (s/o @theonelink), tacos and a 7lb MinPin who from time to time pee’s in my bed. And it’s all okay because I’m covered by grace.

Toni Arauza (Guarrino) is a lifestyle photographer and freelance marketing/digital content creator specializing in telling brand stories + weddings, elopements, families and portraits. After a decade of specializing in corporate marketing + graphic design, and a year of shooting alongside an award-winning photographer, she peeled off on her own and began

Sayther Creative, Photography and Creative Agency in 2016.

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